GCS is a portfolio of tech-enabled business services companies with a common goal of helping their customers effectively manage their businesses. Focused principally on the property insurance sector, GCS companies pursue their individual, focused customer strategies while sharing technologies, operational excellence and a passion for providing independent solutions and a best-in-class customer experience.

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For over 2 decades, ITEL has been the undisputed standard for providing independent benchmark pricing and repair vs replacement decision support for the property insurance industry. ITEL expanded their capabilities and speed with the ITEL Now app, one of the most widely used InsurTech solutions in the insurance industry. Utilizing proprietary, cutting-edge technology and consistent scientific processes, ITEL’s innovative services and partner integrations deliver the speed and precision necessary to help insurers, homeowners, and third-party vendors navigate the complex post-loss process.


ICC is Canada’s leading provider of fast, accurate, independent, and unbiased analysis of damaged flooring, roofing, and siding for fair and accurate settlement of property damage claims.  ICC has a long-standing reputation for delivering the very best analysis of damaged goods supported by a national trusted network of trade professionals.

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Renovar, formerly National Restorations, is the leading source for furniture, cabinet, and architectural millwork restoration in the United States. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Renovar boasts an extensive network of certified master craftsmen throughout the country, specializing in restorative services and premium repair work.

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Founded in 1997, Housing HQ has become a leading provider nationwide 24-hour emergency ALE relocation service for the insurance industry.  Using empathy for the homeowner’s difficult situation as our guidepost, we specialize in quickly placing them into hotels and affordable fully furnished temporary housing after they have experienced an insured incident that makes their homes unlivable. 


Discontinued Materials, Inc. helps homeowners and roofers find the shingles they need for small repair jobs. We search across North America to locate and purchase stockpiles of discontinued shingles. When a homeowner has damage to their roof and we have the original shingles in stock, we ship them directly to the home so they can begin the repair as soon as possible.

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